… an innovation company


SCI was founded in 1992 by the Information Technology professional Ms Sonja Christiansen.

The company has delivered successfully projects in the areas of

  • turn key software development (desk top and web enabled/client-server)
  • IT project management
  • innovation
  • consultancy

More recently the focus has been on noise protection solutions. SCI is closely associated with Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH a leading German supplier of solutions in the field of noise calculation software.

Product announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of noise3D online, a first in noise web development.


noise3D online – innovative approach to noise calculation - noise3D online enables commercial and industrial users to assess noise levels with the latest available propagation programs, without having to purchase expensive software. Instead, the 3D modeling software Trimble SketchUp is used as an interface.







The web enabled solution noise3D online will be the ideal solution for smaller offices and independant noise experts. The software is readily available operating primarily on a managed server.  Results can be presented from where it will be required including at your customers premises and viewed on any mobile device, e.g. laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Free tools Spectra tool box and Rough Prediction - As a free service SCI is also providing some basic noise calculation tools that will be convenient for any expert in the field of noise management. Both tools are fully web enabled and do not require any registration.



Introduction of service - During the initial introduction of the service it will be offered for free with an affordable monthly charge for the service once fully introduced.

How can you get in contact?

For more information about the noise3D online System please visit our web site www.noise-calc.com or contact us at info@noise-calc.com. For any immediate enquiries please call  +49-2241-232638.

For any other enquiries please come back to this website and click Contact.